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Devon and Lang socks

Devon and Lang socks

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The socks you need in your life, and in your shoes! Our Step-Up Tab sock is supportive, snug, and comfortable enough that you'll forget that you even have them on.
Planning a weekend hike with that special someone? Touring around the city? Another long day at the office? Our socks have added padding to protect both your heel and the ball of your foot. The best part: the extra padding doesn't add any additional sizing to the sock itself. And if that wasn't enough, we've also added a semi-compression fit as well as an easy-pull tab will not only keep your feet locked in place and blister free, but supported and formed to your feet.
A left and right sock also allow for a better fit and the CoolSun cotton infusion keeps you feeling as cool as you look.

After you're finished for the day, you won't clear a room when you take off your shoes. Our socks are infused with a silver-ion solution, which goes a long way in keeping your feet fresh.

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