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Gourmet Inspirations Coffee Syrup - Mexican Vanilla

Gourmet Inspirations Coffee Syrup - Mexican Vanilla

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Gourmet Mexican Vanilla Syrup Mixes Into Your Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Chai Quickly and Smoothly

What do you do if you want coffee with a little extra “something”?  Usually you head to the drive-through.  Now you don’t need to waste your time or spend the money!  Gourmet Inspirations has Best Mexican Vanilla Syrup that is the something that goes above and beyond to make your coffee delectable! 

Mexican vanilla syrup has, no surprise, Mexican vanilla in it.  While many can’t tell the difference between Mexican and other vanilla, some people note it has a slight cinnamon flavor to it. Regardless, we find that with it, we get varying notes of flavour in how it interacts with the other ingredients in your beverage..

You want a little sweetness?  Here it is.  Want a little depth of flavour?  We’ve got you. Gourmet Inspirations Mexican Vanilla syrup is just what you need.  As a vanilla syrup, it mixes into your coffee, tea, hot chocolate, chai - you get the idea - quickly and smoothly.  You can also mix it into cold drinks and it incorporates so much more quickly than sugar. A few quick stirs and you’re done. 

Being a gourmet vanilla syrup makes it as versatile as you could want.  There are few flavours that vanilla doesn’t enhance.  It is a great addition to your cocktail cart for those mules, smashes and coolers!  Make a margarita with this Mexican Vanilla Syrup for stand out flavour.  Your guests will love it!  They may have a tough time identifying what makes it extra special, but you can keep that as your little secret.

Elevate your coffee with the best mexican vanilla syrup in Canada. The perfect addition to coffee, lattes, hot cocoa, milk steamers and more! Try Gourmet Inspirations Mexican Vanilla Syrup. The only regret you may have is that you bought only one bottle!


Sugar, Water, Mexican Vanilla

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