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Green Island Outdoors Leather Mat

Green Island Outdoors Leather Mat

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Take A Mat Moment


Our vegan leather mat is versatile; you can easily roll it up and put it inside our backpack for an adventure out or keep it in your vehicle for unexpected use. Standard Throw Size.


-Weatherproof -Stain Resistant -Washer Friendly on Delicate -Vegan Leather


-Kid Friendly -Mothers -Travelers -Outdoor Adventures -Pets


Oyster Color is a soft beige, pink with white suede on the bottom. 


  • SPECS/

    Size/ 54x50 inches.

    Fits three adults / five children



    - Toxin Free

    - Easy To Clean (Warm Water + Dish Soap)

    - Backed With Flocked Suede 

    - Scratch + Stain Resistant (Perfect For Pets or Kids)

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