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Method Lash - Fascinate 14/16mm

Method Lash - Fascinate 14/16mm

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She the Dolls Eye lash we all need. The rounded shape is perfect for those looking to open up their eyes, and make an easy transition from day to night. Set on a super thin, silky soft cotton band.

Blended 14-16mm of pure beauty. Fascinate is a member of the Cashmere lashesCollection. A collection that was launched to be a Limited Edition But they were so loved we had to keep them! 

They are truly a lash like no other. They have a nearly invisible black band to create a perfectly blended look. The way their fibers were designed is to mimic the natural eyelash and it is just perfect


At Method, our lashes are handmade with love and attention. With that said there may be slight differences from one strand to the next. So don't be alarmed if one sets slightly different from another - it was likely made by a different pair of careful loving hands.

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