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The Clover Co.

Simmer and Co Simmer Mix

Simmer and Co Simmer Mix

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Be Merry and Bright:

Cozy up by the fireplace and create lasting memories with this warm and inviting aroma, encapsulating all of your favorite holiday moments with a subtle yet spicy appeal.  

Be Tranquil: 

Bring natural aromatherapy benefits to any stovetop by simmering calming lavender, cleansing eucalyptus, refreshing lime and soothing cedar into your home. This aromatic blend also contains juniper which provides a stimulating aroma while lifting moods.

Be Jolly:

Unwrap the magic of Be Jolly Simmer Mix! Imagine the festive aroma that fills the air as Bright Peppermint and Sweet Wintergreen swirl together in a delightful dance. Warm Cinnamon adds a touch of cozy comfort, while Velvety Vanilla Lemons infuse a sense of joy.

Be Everlasting: 

Introducing Be Everlasting Simmer Mix, your ticket to a scent-sational journey right in your own kitchen! Picture this: the rich aroma of sweet cacao dancing with creamy coconut, mingling with the intoxicating allure of freshly brewed coffee. As hints of warm cinnamon and comforting vanilla fill the air, your home transforms into a haven of cozy indulgence.

Be Mellow: 

Experience the serenity of Be Mellow Simmer Mix, where tranquility takes center stage! Imagine the calming embrace of lavender fields, intertwined with the uplifting notes of bergamot and orange. As the soothing aroma fills the air, a sense of relaxation washes over you.

Be Indulgent:

Be ready to indulge your senses with Be Indulgent Simmer Mix! Experience the crispness of freshly picked apples, blending harmoniously with the inviting warmth of cinnamon and nutmeg. Let the delightful scents of vanilla and pumpkin pie spice fill the air, transforming your home into a sanctuary of indulgence.

Be Cozy:

Introducing Be Cozy Simmer Mix: the enchanting scent that weaves a story of pure comfort and relaxation. Picture this: as you gently heat our stovetop potpourri kit, your home is filled with the delicate essence of jasmine blossoms, intertwined with the warm embrace of cardamom and the zesty allure of lime. The aromatic dance continues with the soothing whispers of cedar and the earthy charm of bay leaves.

Be Celebrated:

Our Be Celebrate Simmer Mix is more than just a stovetop potpourri kit – it's a symphony of scents that naturally fills your home with delightful aromas. Sweet Orange and Bright Lemon dance harmoniously, joined by Sparkling Strawberry for a touch of sweetness. Delicate Rose adds its floral charm, while Invigorating Rosemary brings a refreshing twist. And as the finale, Warm Cedarwood wraps you in a cozy embrace.


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